Crea Patagonia: Tourism Marketing = Promotion + Management + PR

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Wulaia Bay - Navarino Island - Creapatagonia.

Building networks for the Tourism Industry, we add value to the market chain with a professional work on marketing and brand management. The companies that participate in the CREA network have increased their positioning and have implemented efficient commercial management models with a big impact on sales.

  • Networking

    As members of a globalized market, being part of the appropriate networks it鈥檚 key for product improvement in terms of sales and operations. Via brand positioning your client portfolio will be increased in short-term. The Social Media tools will help your brand in being well known creating new commercial opportunities.


    Our proved experience in the world of media and tourism industry gives us the ability to integrate this expertise to take advantage in a global reality linked by business networks. We create the conditions in order to make your brand successful in the industry, the media, fairs and events related to tourism.